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Default Stop burning oil

Hi there all, just wanted to post my finding on oil consumption issues. So we all know that Saturn kind of sucks with the valve seals and piston rings and our oil consumption goes up and up until we just stop caring or we get so upset at the money we are spending on oil that we just dump the car.

I have read a man's testimony on a product made by a company called CD2. Comes in a silver container it says "Stops burning engine oil" on the container and it's about $4.50 a bottle. Sold at Weaver Auto Parts in Wisconsin or online and other stores around. So this guy was burning a quart ever 200 miles on his old pick up, had valve seals done but didn't have money or time to do rings. This old mechanic tells him to up his oil from 5w-30 to 10w-30 (up one weight from where you are) and dump 2 bottles of that CD2(2 bottles if your engine takes 5+ qts to fill or 1 bottle if your engine takes 4 or less qts to fill) then drive the vehicle around town max of 35 mph for 50-100 miles just don't beet on your car or stomp on the gas; and then add a bottle (or 2) to your oil every oil change after that and you will not burn oil.

I thought I had heard every trick in the book as far as burning oil treatments and ways of doing it and such but no lie, I was burning a qt every 500 miles and then just for fun I switched to synthetic (because my Saturn is older and I just did a head gasket, timing, seals and gaskets) and went from 5w-30 to 10w-30 then added engine treatment/s to the fresh oil and BABIED my car for 200 miles just to be safe and NO OIL! No blue cloud when I started up in the morning, no blue cloud when I was driving or waiting at a stop sign, and after around 300 miles ( I really wanted to be sure) I stomped on the gas and no smoke out the back end. I did find out that the stomping on the gas wasn't a great thing to do because the seal you create with the treatment can get burned out if you do that, but if you drive your car normal and baby it through the steps and follow those directions you will drastically reduce your consumption or you will stop burning oil all together. The guy who wrote the store of 200 miles a qt. is no longer burning ANY oil after putting CD2 in his vehicle.

BG oil treatments are also a heck of a good product to use.

Irish Prince
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Of the 10 Saturn S-Cars that rolled through this household not one burnt or used oil. That may be a testament to using MOBIL-1 and never letting the car run hot.
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