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Default Radiator issues

Radiator issues
No idea what the problem is, but I have had multiple issues in the past with my 2001 saturn sc2 over revving while ideling, which has led to the over heating and steaming of my radiator which then dumps all of my coolant, I have replaced the motion position sensor and a mechanic cleaned some wires which temporarily fixed the over rev issue, but after returning months later I replaced the thermostat, but my coolant was still being dumped, I was told by an o'REILYS employee that I needed to put liquid glass in the radiator to seal up gaskets or I would blow my head gasket and he told me to just pour it in with my antifreeze right then, and I did so. Now a week later I realize that it may have clogged my cooling system as it says right on the back of the liquid glass bottle that it will if it comes in contact with antifreeze.... now I plan to dump my radiator again but I am lost on how to fix this issue.

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Hey what ever an employee of "O'Reilys" tell you to do you should do it as soon as possible. Maybe you can buy another "motion" sensor.
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